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MIgnonne Hollis


Currently the executive director of the Arizona Regional Economic Development Foundation, Mignonne graduated from Tombstone Union High School, attended the University of Arizona, and went on to earn her MBA from the University of Phoenix. In her effort to support economic development in Arizona, Mignonne co-writes a weekly newspaper advice column for business owners, serves on Canyon Vista Medical Center board of trustees, Chairs the public policy committee of the International Economic Development Council and the President of the Arizona Association for Economic Development. Has served on the Arizona Commerce Authority Board. In 2014 She was named economic developer of the year and in 2017 her organization was named small organization of the year. Most recently appointed the to National Small Business Association Advisory Board as well as the International Boundary and Water Commission. Mignonne is the founder of Aerospace Arizona Association and through this association has formed the UAS Center For Innovation at the Benson Airport. Mignonne is dedicated to making an economic impact not only in rural Arizona, but throughout the entire state.